My Alfas

My Alfa Romeo Spider

IN April of 2015, I bought my fifth Alfa Romeo – but this one wasn’t a replacement; it was an addition. I had long entertained the idea of having a classic car, principally for fun but also as a long-term investment, and when I finally took the plunge, I fell for another Alfa. If money […]

My Alfa Romeo 147 2.0 TS Lusso

BY late 2011, my blue Alfa 147 was over nine years old and, despite the fact that it was still in excellent condition and drove beautifully, I reckoned it was time for a newer model. In October 2011, I part-exchanged it at a used-car dealership in Cornwall, and took possession of a very smart opalescent […]

My Alfa Romeo 147

FIVE minutes behind of the wheel of my 147 helped me get over my sorrow at parting with my beloved 156. The new one was a metallic blue 2002 ‘52’ model. Its 2-litre engine was smooth and responsive and the car was a joy to drive. Although I had formed a deep and meaningful relationship […]

My Alfa Romeo 156

MUCH as I liked the 145, as I became familiar with the various models of Alfa Romeo I realised that its bigger brother, the 156, was a truly beautiful car. And when I spotted a 1999 T-registered four-door 156 in black on the forecourt of Red Motori at Spetisbury, near Blandford, in late 2003, I […]

My Alfa Romeo 145

MY first Alfa Romeo was, in fact, my first non-company car for nearly 16 years. Knowing I intended leaving the firm in April 2002, I began reviving an interest in cars in the knowledge that I would have to spend my own money buying one. All good sense told me to go for something with […]