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May 2012: Motoring marriage of convenience

THERE are a lot of unlikely tie-ups behind the scenes in the global car-making industry and the latest romance features a couple who really do seem made for one another. Fiat and Mazda have just revealed details of the deal – known as a Memorandum of Understanding – and the exciting ‘first-born’ of the coupling […]

2010: A car parade Italian style

WHILE in Italy selflessly carrying out my study of Italian drivers and driving (see last week’s Motor Mouth), I chanced upon an advertisement for a classic car parade being held as part of a village carnival. It was too good an opportunity to miss. Rather like the driving – not to mention the food, the […]

March 2010: Car of the week: Alfa Giulietta

How appropriate that, in Alfa Romeo’s centenary year when they’re revelling in their glorious history, they should revive one of their most glamorous names for their sporty new hatchback. Giulietta, originally a snazzy coupé unveiled back in 1954, acquired a bit of tarnish when it was applied to a grotesque rustbox during Alfa’s dark days […]

2010: Birthday accolade for the ton-up Alfa

THERE was a pleasant surprise among the presents when Alfa Romeo celebrated their 100th birthday the other week – one of their models was voted the car most likely to become a future classic. The extraordinarily beautiful 8C Competizione took the top accolade in a survey of the UK’s top motoring media, run by […]

May 2008: Car of the week: Alfa Mi.To

With a distinctly odd moniker moulded from the amalgamation of design centre Milano and production base Torino, the Mi.To represents Alfa’s most compact sports car to date. The Mi.To, which will feature a turbocharged range of petrol and diesel engines, is due to be formally unveiled this summer and is likely to reach UK showrooms […]

November 2008: Red-letter day for Alfa fans

THE presence of a rare new supercar brought a buzz of excitement and the thunderous bark of a race-bred V8 engine to a Dorset village on Saturday. Businessman Brett Edbrook had brought his spanking new Alfa Romeo 8C Competizione along to be admired and worshipped at Italian car specialists Red Motori, run by his long-time […]

April 2008: A clear view of road safety

YOU could be forgiven for thinking that, with windows and screens getting ever larger in today’s cars, visibility would be improving. But you’d be wrong. The fact is that, as carmakers strive for greater occupant safety, a negative knock-on is chunkier bodywork and reduced visibility – a bit like many of the nation’s children, really. […]

May 2008: Andy’s love affair with an Italian beauty

TO say that Andy Bowley is an Alfa Romeo fan is something of an understatement. He has more than 120 of them. Most are on display in a glass cabinet at Red, the Italian car specialists he runs with business partner Dave Summers at Spetisbury, near Blandford. Collecting Alfa models has become quite an obsession […]

January 2008: A war veteran with a tale to tell

ANYONE with the stamina and a sufficiently high boredom threshold to have read my ramblings in this column last week may recall that I was dribbling on about which cars are likely to attain classic status in the future and which ones will end up as unloved piles of rust. As well as discussing various […]