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Alfa Romeo at the Mille Miglia

THE historical re-enactment of the Mille Miglia – the race famously defined by Enzo Ferrari as “the most beautiful travelling museum in the world” – is being held from May 18-21.

Now in its 35th year, the event will welcome several rare classic Alfa Romeo and Lancia cars from the FCA Heritage collection.

In line with tradition, this classic race – of which Alfa Romeo is the automotive sponsor for the third year running – will start and end in Brescia, having crossed some of the most striking locations in Italy, with the turning point in Rome.

Three superb cars from the Alfa Romeo Museum, the 6C 1750 Gran Sport (1930), the 6C 2300 Mille Miglia (1938) and the 1900 Super Sprint (1956), will be travelling the roads where the Mille Miglia was staged from 1927 to 1957. The race was won by Alfa Romeo no fewer than 11 times: a record that can never be beaten.

These rare classic cars will be flanked by the latest additions to the Alfa Romeo line-up, the Stelvio, the first SUV in the history of brand, and the Giulia, the sporty saloon that represents the new paradigm of the brand.

Alfa Romeo 6C 1750 Gran Sport (1930): All eyes will be on the 6C 1750 Gran Sport, the legendary model in which Tazio Nuvolari and Giovanni Battista Guidotti won the Brescia-based race in 1930. That was the race of the legendary “overtaking in the dark” episode, when Nuvolari achieved the unprecedented feat of averaging 100km/h over the entire course. The bodywork was created by Milan atelier Zagato, and still draws gasps of admiration from those lucky enough to see it today.

6C 2300 Coupé Mille Miglia (1938): The 6C 2300 Coupé Mille Miglia, with body made by Touring, will be on the start platform in Viale Venezia. The name “Mille Miglia” pays homage to the excellent performance of the 6C 2300 Pescara in 1937, on which it was based: finishing first in its category and fourth in the general ranking. Under the bonnet is a 2,309cm3 straight-six capable of delivering 95hp at 4,500rpm and propelling the vehicle to 170km/h. The car will be driven by a crew of excellence: Arturo Merzario and Jean-Pierre Jarier. The competitive duo represents the glorious history of Alfa Romeo in motorsports. They took the sport prototypes world championship in 1977, winning all the races on the calendar in their category in an Alfa Romeo 33 SC 12.

1900 Super Sprint (1956): According to the consolidated 1900 family tradition, the Sprint was replaced by the Super Sprint in 1955: it was similar to the previous model but with a new snappier five-speed gearbox. It had the same mechanics as the Berlina T. I. Super, namely 1,975cm3 displacement, double-barrel inverted carburettor and double rear CV joint. The second version which competed in the Mille Miglia delivered 115hp at 5,500rpm and reached a remarkable top speed of 190km/h.


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