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Alfa DNA system challenges elite ‘parkour’ athlete on road and ice


ALFA Romeo’s signature Alfa DNA driving mode selector features across the entire 2014 Alfa Romeo range as standard, regardless of engine or trim level.

The 2014 MiTo and 2014 Giulietta will feature the driving mode selector with three distinctive settings – ‘Dynamic’, ‘Natural’ and ‘All-Weather’ – while the Alfa Romeo 4C supercar has an additional fourth setting specifically for track driving: ‘Race’ mode.

To mark the range update, Alfa Romeo teamed up with one of the world’s elite parkour athletes, Ronnie Shalvis, to put the Alfa DNA system to the ultimate agility test. In the sequence, Ronnie takes on both Alfa MiTo and Alfa Giulietta in the ultimate urban playground, pitting man against machine on both road and ice surfaces to see who has the greater control of their environment.

Ronnie Shalvis commented: “With parkour, you have to adapt to varying and challenging environments, while remaining agile and dynamic. If you fail to respond to a situation or mistime a move, it could result in serious injury. When everything works together, though, and you nail those difficult manoeuvres, it’s an amazing feeling.

“Making the film with Alfa Romeo was a fantastic experience and I think it really demonstrates how having that control of your environment lets you stay safe but also have a lot of fun.”

Damien Dally, Head of Brand, Alfa Romeo UK, said: “The Alfa DNA system ensures that every 2014 Alfa Romeo can adapt to the prevailing driving conditions, varying the cars’ numerous dynamic characteristics from power delivery to steering feel and VDC stability control intervention. Despite its sophistication, the driver only has to simply flick the switch to select the appropriate driving mode and the car will take care of the rest.”

About Alfa DNA: The Alfa DNA system lets drivers manually select from one of several different driving modes depending on the road conditions. Once a mode is selected, Alfa DNA automatically adjusts settings for throttle response, power delivery, power steering assistance, VDC stability control and braking Pre-Fill. Where fitted, ALFA TCT gear-changes and adaptive suspension settings are also adjusted.

DYNAMIC: ‘Dynamic’ mode provides a more immediate throttle response, by making 50 percent of the engine’s torque available within the first 10 percent of pedal travel. Pre-Fill braking is activated to boost braking performance and more steering weight is added for a sportier, more involving drive. In addition, the electronic dynamic and stability systems (VDC, DST, ASR) become less intrusive and for models fitted with the ALFA TCT gearbox, the gearshift characteristics are reconfigured.

NATURAL: Natural mode is designed for everyday driving with the performance levels drivers expect from an Alfa Romeo but delivered more progressively with optimum fuel consumption.

ALL-WEATHER: In All-Weather mode Alfa’s VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) system is more intrusive whilst ASR (Anti-Slip Regulator) is lightened, allowing the wheels to slip and gain traction in icy conditions. Models equipped with ALFA TCT can also pull away in second gear, further helping avoid wheel spin.

RACE (Alfa Romeo 4C only): Activated by holding the selector forward while in ‘Dynamic’ mode, ‘Race’ mode puts the driver completely in control, disabling stability control (re-engaging only under emergency braking) and ASR. Alfa’s Q2 differential control remains active. ‘Race’ mode allows drivers to push the Alfa Romeo 4C to its limit on the track.

For more details visit: http://www.alfaromeo.co.uk

About Alfa Romeo’s Seasonal Sales Event: Alfa Romeo’s seasonal sales event – running until December 24 – offers customers a generous additional £500 contribution, which is over and above all existing retail offers. With this new offer, the Alfa MiTo 3-dr 875cc TB TwinAir 105 bhp Sprint is currently available for £189 a month on PCP with £1,499 customer deposit while the Alfa Giulietta 5 dr 1.4 TB 120 bhp Turismo can be driven away for only £199 a month, 0% APR Representative, as well as £1,250 Alfa Deposit Contribution.

Alfa’s national advertising campaign also features a ‘Dynamic’ difference, with the Aurasma augmented reality app. Smartphone users on iOS or Android can hover over the print advert to see the page come to life and play the thrilling Alfa Ice Parkour stunt film.

About Ronnie Shalvis: Ronnie, 23, hails from Utah, USA, and was inspired by the videos of David Belle, the founder of parkour, and Cyril Raffaelli a popular French stunt man. What initially began as a recreational activity eventually led to a professional career as a free-runner and stuntman, as well as a stunt coordinator for a professional stunt team. Ronnie has spent the past seven years honing his parkour and free running skills and was an ideal partner for Alfa Romeo to showcase its signature Alfa DNA system thanks to his winter free running videos.

About Parkour: Parkour, often abbreviated as PK, is a discipline where athletes overcome obstacles in their (predominantly urban) environment using only their bodies and their surroundings to propel themselves. Borrowing techniques from several other athletic and acrobatic disciplines, a characteristic of parkour is the maintenance of as much momentum as possible while overcoming obstacles.

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