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Alfa Romeo 4C stars at Geneva Motor Show 2013

TWO years after surfacing as a concept car at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show, the Alfa Romeo 4C sports car is back in the Palexpo – making its debut as a fully fledged, production ready machine that you will actually be able to buy very shortly.

2E75BABC59E593F2693F377B24E58_h498_w598_m2 10E8E75477DBCEA66F4E56F10DE36_h498_w598_m2 99E740B6EC3E6975DF265AF817BD6A_h498_w598_m2 727F355E789C6E58C7CC5C5A861A6_h498_w598_m2 3326D05B8014477E5E909BC7F86A_h498_w598_m2 23111F57647A568841131A3F6372F4_h498_w598_m2 8865505EDAE47A6D1312EA5D282C8_h498_w598_m2 BC8847304EF79D16961CB3EE441847_h498_w598_m2 DC4D32380752568B6FE0962AB1F_h498_w598_m2 E88181A9B6F7F2563FB7601BDED85_h498_w598_m2

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