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Alfa’s dismal showing in reliability chart

ALFA Romeo have emerged very badly from the latest car reliability survey carried out by What Car? and Warranty Direct.

The carmaker has come 35th out of the 36 car manufacturers, and are shown to have a 55% likelihood of breaking down in any 12-month period.

Only the Land Rover is revealed to be more unreliable with an appalling 71% probability of a breakdown. Other premium marques Mercedes-Benz and Jaguar are also languishing in the bottom 10, and Audi fared little better.

The research is based on 50,000 Warranty Direct policies on cars between three and 10 years old.

It is no surprise that Honda tops the list – for the seventh year running – on 10% while a total of eight of the top 10 performers are Japanese. Chevrolet, at nine, is the only non-Far East manufacturer to make it.

Across all makes, axle and suspension problems are the most common faults reported by the UK’s motoring public, largely due to the desperate state of the nation’s roads, accounting for 28.56% of all breakdowns handled by Warranty Direct. Electrical gremlins are the second most likely cause of an unwanted garage bill, with 24.3% of drivers reporting problems.

One comment on “Alfa’s dismal showing in reliability chart

  1. Alfas have ALWAYS been unreliable! It is almost part of their brand identity. Their marketing mix has traditionally been to spend more on passionate styling and performance excellence and then – to keep them within budget – sling ’em together on the production line with cheap electrics and questionable longevity. I can forgive Alfa.

    I am less forgiving of Land Rover. If your sales image is all about ruggedness and reliability, then it is tantamount to fraud to knowingly create and sustain production of unreliable vehicles.

    Most interestingly of all though, the list of the top 10 reliable vehicles appears to include not one single product from a European production line. Hmmm…!

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